work in progress

who am i?

im bea (they/she) (i go by oliver sometimes as well for convenience, but i don't like it as much) im 19, im bad at talking about myself and this is my shitty website

im a big nerd, very into both the software and hardware side of tech, really love tinkering with random stuff, lots of my projects just come out of me getting curious about something and messing with it

im really into gamedev and open source tech in particular, i daily drive a NixOS desktop at home for gaming, development etc, it's a really cool OS that lets you reproducibly build your entire system from a single configuration file, which i think is super cool

i really like messing with how i look, be it clothes, makeup, all that stuff, i tend to be pretty fluid with how i present myself so i can basically wear anything that doesnt look entirely awful on me. i'd love to get into cosplay someday! but unfortunately it is hard. maybe i could post some pictures of looks i like on here someday, i dunno!

currently i'm working on a little game development library/engine in my spare time occasionally, it's very early on and i might ship something on it eventually, but don't count on it!

i work as a game developer professionally, currently i'm working on Apex Legends at Respawn, before that i was at Lucid Games where i also worked on Apex, as well as some maintenance for the Titanfall games

my last big personal project was Northstar which started during COVID and basically got me my whole current career in games, don't work on it anymore though since working on it absolutely fucked my mental health (turns out it's really easy to accidentally crunch yourself for over a year when you don't have anyone to tell you that's what you're doing and no real responsibilities, who knew!)

here's a random list of stuff i'm into: